Santa Claus Is Smoking Reefer

Mal bisschen Weihnachtsstimmung verbreiten! Natürlich mit dem besten Weihnachtssong aller Zeiten!

Jim: yes, yes I have a very little secret wed like to tell
Tom: and we think people to know about it
Jim: the snow will be falling
Tom: and the catsll be ballin, yeah, theyll be knockin em selves out
Jim: know the reason why
Tom: why?
Jim: santa claus is smokin reefer
Santa claus is smokin tea
Hes so high in the sky, stays loaded all the time
Come on down
Ken: hes got good stuff for the kiddies!
Tom: hes hip nowadays, not like my mother, my father
Jim: the kids are jivin
Tom: jolly fellow, hes that fellow
Jim: not the cat you think it is
Santy claus is lighting up to the hay

Kein Wind bewegt die Stille,
die Luft ist regungslos,
als wenn die Welt an diesem Ort in ihrem Atmen innehält


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